Week 2 - Movement

The focus for this week is movement; staying active at work, stretching, warm ups and cool downs.

  • Sunday – overview of this week ahead
  • Monday – warm up example
  • Tuesday –‘sit less, move more’
  • Wednesday – cool down example
  • Thursday – at home easy stretching
  • Friday – warm up example
  • Saturday – cool down example 

Movement is the song of the body – Vanda Scaravelli

Sunday – Welcome Studio MOVERS to another week of our 8-week wellness challenge!! How are you feeling? How are your goals coming along? Have you been able to put a big tick to next some of those goals you set for you self?! If you have, GREAT! Be proud of what you have achieved so far! If you have been struggling this week or not managed to tick off as many goals as what you had hoped…. that’s okay too! Remember that life happens, shake it off, find your groove again and get back into being a goal digger 😉

This week we have a new focus! Whilst incorporating our previous week ’20 small challenges’, this week, we are going to be shining the spotlight on warm-ups, cool-downs, stretching and staying active within the workplace! Yes, you heard correct, we are focusing on those dreaded things that are ‘recommended’ to us before and after a work-out, but do we ever really do them?!

Why are we focusing on these? Because they are just as important as the actual work out you’re planning on doing! Warming up and cooling down are a vital part of any exercise routine that most people will graze over and not give a second thought about. However, this is a step that we should look at changing. Done correctly, warming up and cooling down reduces the risk of injury at both ends of the workout and offers overall improvement in your training performance. By literally warming up your muscles, you’re priming them to do their job more efficiently and cooling down relaxes your muscles and brings your body back to restful state.

Now please don’t think you are expected to have a vigorous and hard core warm up and cool down routine planned out for yourself! The purpose of warm-ups and cool downs are to perform movements at a reduced pace and intensity.  A few ideas could be… 5-10 minutes of static and dynamic stretching, it can be walking or riding your bike to class instead of driving or making sure you are holding those static stretches for at least 30 seconds.

Monday - Happy Monday everyone! Go ahead and make goals for your upcoming week and go smash them! Keeping in theme with this week’s focus here is a short and simple warm up combo you can try before today’s workout.

30 seconds each exercise - 6 exercises - 1 round - 3 minutes total

  • High knees
  • Jump squats
  • Push ups
  • Walking lunges
  • Burpees
  • Star jumps

Tuesday – ‘Sit less, move more’

How many of us have a desk job? How long are we sitting down looking at a computer for? Are we moving as much as we want to during the day? A few months ago, I was at a desk… not moving at all! Today I want you to consciously take a few minutes every hour or even half hour to get up from your desk or wherever you may be and just have a walk. Stretch your legs. Go and get some more water. Go and get a snack. Just leave your workspace for a few minutes! Break up that sedentary sitting time!

Wednesday – You’ve all made it to hump day! One more day closer to Friyay!! Today I have a cool down routine for you.

30 seconds each exercise - 6 exercises - 1 round - 5 minutes total

  • Cat / cow
  • Cobra ab stretch
  • Hamstring stretch (each side)
  • Overhead tricep stretch (each side)
  • Samson stretch (each leg)
  • Knee to wall calf stretch (each leg) 

Thursday – How did Tuesday go? Did anyone manage to get up from their desks for a little walk around?! I hope so! Today is a little bit similar! I have a 5-minute office workout for you! Even if you are not confined to a desk, try it out!

walk up and down the set of stairs (if there are no stairs in sight, just do a few laps of the office!) (60 sec)

  • one leg squats onto your chair (30 sec)
  • leg lifts (also on your chair) (30 sec)
  • wall sit (60 sec)
  • incline desk press ups (60 sec)
  • chair chest outs (30 sec)
  • standing side bend (30 sec)

Friday – Woohoo! We made it to Friday! Take a look at these static stretches for your workouts! Try these before your workout today! Hopefully they will help loosen you all up and optimise your muscle use!

  • Butt kicks
  • Sit and reach
  • Seated hamstring stretch
  • Lotus / butterfly
  • Half kneeling hip and quad stretch

Saturday – Another week down team!

I hope that you are all super proud of the goals that you have managed to cross off so far! Has anyone managed to start incorporating a warm up or cool down into their workouts? How is getting up from your desk for a short break going? Below are a few more really good stretches you can try for after your workout!.

  • Butterfly stretch
  • Kneeling hip flexor stretch
  • Lying twist
  • Single leg pigeon
  • Down dog 

Much love

Tania, Ryan, Aana & Shiana